Apple iPad Markets the money out of your pocket!

Posted by the dood on Friday, December 10th, 2010

As expected, Apple adds the front and rear facing camers to the Apple iPad, deliberately leaving it out of the first version of the iPad to ensure that they will can double their profits when people are forced to upgrade. Reminds me of Fiddy Cents famous quote: “Remix, that’s how you turn one hit record into two!”

Apple has taken that method and applied it to their products: “Leave important shit out, and put it into the next generation – that’s how you turn one hit product into two!”

Since they are the greatest marketer in the world right now, it is working for them. Unfortunately, if you have half a brain, you should realize that you’re just being manipulated into giving them money. I bet Gen3 iPads will add a USB so you can rebuy those too.

Say no to Apple telling you what you need!


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