Ben Eager Beaver Mc-Douche Bag

Posted by the dood on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Man Ben Eager is one pimply piece of work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player that as a coach, I would be embarassed to have on my team. Game 2, May 5, 2011 vs Canucks.. He takes a stupid penalty that basically costs his team the game and then wacks at the camera on in the penalty box!! Douchbag Canadian (embarassingly all asshole players are Canadian) has absolutely no respect for anything or anyone around him. He’s just a loser that is angry that he is a fuck-up.

The douchebag scores a goal by running into Luongo, and then hangs over him to taunt him… what a fucking idiot. Todd McLellan is obviously playing Eager because he hopes to rattle the Canucks, but a 7-3 game tells otherwise. He figures having Eager throw some dirty shots around will yield the same results as Eager and Byfuglien’s dirty play that helped Chicago grit their way to the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately without the talent playing as well, Eager just shows up looking like a big douchey goon, which he is. Watching his antics throughout the game is so comical, like high school threats, taunting everyone because he thinks he’s so tough.

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