Gay Teenager Commits Suicide after Being Taped and Broadcasted

Posted by the dood on Thursday, September 30th, 2010

This kind of stuff is just disgusting. A gay 18-yr old violinist named Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge to his death after his roomate, Dharun Ravi and a friend of his named Molly Wei from Princeton University took part in recording him making out and having sex with another man and broadcasting it. Dharun Ravi apparently thought it would be fun to start tweeting and facebooking about how his roomate (photo below) was secretly having a relationship with another man.

Dharun Ravi is no better than the kids that filmed the raping of the 16-year old girl in Pitt Meadows. What a sick freak, possibly harbouring similar tendancies himself, and unable to deal with it – he does something so horrific to his roomate, thus causing him to jump off a bridge. Is facebook really good for us?

Here’s the Class-A douchebag Dharun Ravi:

Vancouver Sun Article

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