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Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 2

See Part One. In this next installment of my Karaoke system building, I will talk about how I got the songs onto the AcomData harddrive and made them work with my CAVS 203G USB karaoke machine. This part is one of the more technical and computery parts of this series of articles, and a little […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 1

This is more of a chart of my journey from the beginning, rather than a expert authority on the subject. So if you are somewhat of a karaoke novice with a decent budget ($1000 give or take) and an existing home theatre that you would like to integrate your Karaoke system into.. this might be […]

Yulong AMP4780 Integrated Amp Review

The Yulong AMP4780, another one of China’s exports that claims to provide Hi-Fi enthusiasts with an affordable and compact solution for high quality audio playback. I purchased the Yulong to replace my Creek 4330SE, which is a wonderful sounding peice of kit. The Yulong retails at a much lower price, and can be purchased new […]

Opera Consonance Reference 2.2 MKII CD Player

Chinese-made tube gear has always intrigued me, especially the price-to-performance ratio that can be had especially when purchasing these components on the secondary market. The Opera-Consonance probably is one of the leaders of production CD Players from China for the US Market. The particular player I have here is the Opera Consonance Reference 2.2 MKII. […]

Pro-Ject Tube Box II Phono Preamp Review

Lately I’ve had a renewed interested in improving my audio system, and it likely has something to do with my recent move to Vancouver and the sudden accessibility of all sort of neat stuff. One of the first things I decided to do was play around with my Vinyl Rig. I picked up a Pro-Ject […]