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Ortofon Kontrapunkt A Review

I’ve owned this cartridge for a while, and this is my first moving coil cartridge, so please keep that in mind while reading my review. Inflation and other factors have driven the cost of this cartridge up to the $1000 range now, while it used to be in the $600 range only 5 years ago. […]

Personal Hi-Fi Audio System Video Tour

Decided that I would do a video of my hi-fi system for you guys to see how it’s set up and what not. I really enjoy the way it sounds, though it might be a little “live” in my new house. My old place was significantly more dampened, and I think the acoustics were a […]

Jungson Beauty Deity BD-1 Speakers

There are a few hidden gems in the world of audiophile mystique, and many of those gems come from China, usually under-marketed and under-prestiged. One of these brands that has consistently put out top notch products is Jungson. In particular, their Solid State and Hybrid Amplifiers are exceptional performers, and at very reasonable prices. A […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 4

See Part 3. Finally we are back to talking about gear again. I enjoy gear much more than software, as for me, software is a means to an end, while gear is just cool! The other two main peices of gear you are going to need to complete your system is a Mixer and Microphones. […]

Building a Good Karaoke System – Part 3

See Part Two. In part 3 of this series of articles, I’m going to show you the process I used to create a Songbook using the files generated by the software we used in Part 2. Additionally you will need a Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, and a fairly sophisticated text editor such as […]