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The iPhone 4 Sucks

The iPhone accounts for 40% of Apple’s revenues.. if we all refuse to buy them, we can then eagerly await the fall of Apple once again! I do remember when all the schools were preaching Mac’s like they were the next big thing, and then they faded into oblivion. It will happen again.. Actually, I […]

Gizmodo Scores a Lost Prototype iPhone

Pretty neat… the new iPhone. Its funny because the video talks about how plugs and camera lens are moved from one place to another, like its something so amazing. They don’t talk about how it works and the iPhone is one of those things that just doesn’t work that well. Its like high heels, we […]

Windows 7 > Mac OS X

Looks like Windows 7 has single-handedly surpasses Mac OS X market share.. and yes, that’s ALL Max OS X versions. Seeing as Microsoft Windows does have over 92% of all market share this is of course going to be an inevitable trend, but Microsoft’s overall market share has also increased this month, which means that […]

More Reasons to dislike Apple

I don’t like Apple, not as a company, mostly because I dislike Steve Jobs and the way he runs his company. Sure he’s a genius and a Rock Star CEO all rolled into one, but the man is a Douchebag, and I refuse to own his stock because I refuse to support his company. While […]

Bonjour for Windows XP Screwing up My Internet

Well, another reason for me to HATE APPLE. See.. for about 3-4 months, I’ve been blaming my PC and network connection issues with TCP/IP and doing all sorts of things to try and fix the network problems I have been having. Basically my problem was this: Any sort of FTP or HTTP Browser window or […]