Bonjour for Windows XP Screwing up My Internet

Posted by the dood on Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Well, another reason for me to HATE APPLE. See.. for about 3-4 months, I’ve been blaming my PC and network connection issues with TCP/IP and doing all sorts of things to try and fix the network problems I have been having.

Basically my problem was this: Any sort of FTP or HTTP Browser window or connection attempt that was made would fail 50% of the time. So I would open FTP and try to connect and it would fail. Internet Explorer was the same way. Every once in a while when I opened a new Explorer Window (Not Tab) it would just not work, and I would have to open another one. This was fine with IE7 because each tab is the same process and does not open a new TCP/IP Connection. IE8 runs each tab separately to insulate other tabs from crashes which also means that every tab I open has a 50% chance of the connection failing… a bit problematic when you are doing a lot of browsing.

So.. after weeks of searching on and off for the answer, I finally started noticing that there was this nDNSResponder.exe that was taking up a few ports and decided to check out what it is… Bonjour for Windows… made by APPLE. Perhaps an attempt by Steve Jobs to piss off a few PC Users, or the typically buggy update that Apple releases.. oh yes, Apple releases tons of buggy updates. Much more than Microsoft IMO. I close iTunes and BAM!!! Problem solved! Unfortunately, now with Bonjour deactivated, my itunes will not load. Also a bit problematic as I need itunes to update my iPod. Well.. I think I might just have to competely boycott Apple now as they are a peice of shit company that puts out software that screws everyone’s shit up.

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