The iPhone 4 Sucks

Posted by the dood on Monday, June 7th, 2010

The iPhone accounts for 40% of Apple’s revenues.. if we all refuse to buy them, we can then eagerly await the fall of Apple once again! I do remember when all the schools were preaching Mac’s like they were the next big thing, and then they faded into oblivion. It will happen again..

Actually, I think the iPhone is a pretty cool little gadget and toy, but that’s all it is. I use a Berry for business – it gets the job done.

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  1. Everything was great until you said you use a Blackberry. The only reason RIM still holds their rapidly decreasing majority market share is because of old codgers and business holdouts that still think for some bizarro reason that the iPhone (or any alternate phone for that matter, be it Android, WebOS, whatever) is just a flashy toy. Pardon the more than 100 million of us who have adopted a superior phone model (once again, I’m talking not just iPhone, but all of the far better OS platforms that have surfaced over the last 3 years) and are moving to blast RIM into oblivion within the next 2 years. They have created nothing since the release of the iPhone that anyone other than businesses have cared about. And it’s not because RIM offers a better business solution – it is pure nostalgia. That can only last for so long. Glad your Blackberry gets the job done – so does my brother’s ’99 Civic with 200,000 + miles on it – old, reliable, but in the end, it’s day in the sun is long gone. Neither are enjoyable to use. Enjoy your clunky trackball navigated phone and keep telling yourself that you love it.

  2. Trackball? That’s your problem. I bet you think 2010 Civics don’t have GPS either!

    Berry’s are the only phones you can use easily with one hand to type as well as navigate – and other phones with the same layout.

    I love my Civic and I love my drinking beers with my old codger buddies- thanks! 🙂

  3. The iphone 4 is overrated. The “feature” that it comes with is nothing new in the cell phone industry. Wallapapers, folders, and a front facing camera is nothing new, Nokia had them since early 2000’s,

    The only respect I will give Apple Developers is the new retina display, that is good engineering.

    Besides that everything else is nothing to me. Android is killing Iphone now, and personally I think that blackberry hardware is great. But the OS and interface is tooooo ugly and generic.

  4. Blackberry OS and interface is indeed ugly and utilitarian looking, but its so great to use!

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