Pass Labs’ US Dealer network falls apart!

Posted by the dood on Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Pass Labs, one of the premier producers of Audiophile equipment in the world, had a collapse of their US dealer network as they have concentrated so much on overseas sales. They’re addressing the issure now, but since they have been doing all their sales overseas they have lost all their US dealers. The are re-establishing it from scratch, which is very cool. They will be focusing on dealers that start with customer service.

Nelson Pass of Pass Labs originally started with Threshold back in the day. He now makes some of the best gear I have ever heard. The X1 Preamp has to be the most amazing preamp I have ever heard, and I would love the chance to own one. Check out the X1 here:

Pass Labs X-1

I would suggest a taking a real hard look at the Pass Labs stuff if you get the chance.. It knocked my socks off!

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  1. I would like to take this time to correct you on the “Pass Labs” deal. What really happened was Nelson Pass opted to cut off and dismiss ALL Pass dealers temporarily. Many dealers, all but 19, were taking the Pass product and basicly whoring it out as if they had a 50,000 square foot space just filled to the top with Pass gear. The second reason for the shutdown was that most, not all, dealers were just simply selling the product and not taking care of the customer the way Nelson Pass and Pass Labs dictates their customers are to be taken care of. The other reason is Some dealers were taking used or demo gear that either has some sort of damge, blemish or electrinic issue that was caused after it was purchased and sending back to Pass to have it fixed then Pass ALWAYS puts it in a new box with new packing, manual, etc. then sends it back. The distributor then sells it as a new product, a no no! So Pass put a stop to all this by only keeping a select number, 19 to be exact, of dealers they felt where always on the up and up and did a great job in all areas of sales. Those are the real reasons for the reconstruction of the U.S. market. I personally know Kent English as well as Nelson so this info is first hand. I suggest in the future you go to the source before casting assumptions that have ZERO basis and are most likely derived third or fourth hand. Call Pass, they will be happy to reitterate this info to you.


  2. Jim, first of all, your “respectfully” signature means NOTHING, since have absolutely no respect for me whatsoever when you post. So take ownership for your actions. You’re a big boy, right?

    And the place I got this info from is Stereophile, so there was basis. I simply stated that the dealer network in the US had collapsed, and it did! They are addressing the issue now. The only place that It is incorrect is in stating that they lost all their dealers. The article in Stereophile make it sound like they got rid of all their dealers and picked 19 new ones, which I interpretted incorrectly.

    Obviously you are mad, Jim, but you send this with absolutely no respect to me whatsoever. You basically call me a liar. Third or Forth hand? That’s just disrespectful. I’m glad Pass Labs has someone as adult as you representing them, since I love the sound of their gear and half of my post was reflecting that. Grow up.

    Thank you for adding the information, though. Notice i never edited your post.. I actually approved it.

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