Review: SimAudio Moon Andromeda

Posted by the dood on Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Wow. This is simply the BEST CD Player I have ever heard, tube, solid state everything in between included. I heard this player hooked up to my personal system and it simply blew my mind. I also heard it connected to an all-Sim system, but wasn’t able to evaluated it properly.

This CD Player has impressive detail… and a subtle warmth to it that some people don’t always associate with Moon Products. I popped in Murray Perahia plays Bach, one of my favourite reference CDs, and was amazed… Murray’s piano just filled the room with music, and the new Acoustic panels I installed don’t hurt either. A definate large soundstage but very nice individual representation of every instrument… I truly felt like I was in the room with Muray.

Second CD was Vienna Teng’s Warm Strangers. Vienna’s voice sounded amazing.. I don’t think i’ve ever heard it as good. Please do yourself a favour and listen to some Vienna if you get the chance.. and listen to this Moon Andromeda. Both are fantastic!

SimAudio Moon Andromeda

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