Some times it’s not a good thing to have a hot nurse.

Posted by rob on Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Ok so this is way off topic from the last post but I had to write it. Most of the world is unaware but I recently spent a few days in the hospital having stuff extracted from me in rather painful ways, which is partially why its been so long since my last post. Let me tell you I didn’t plan on spending three days in the hospital when I went to see my doctor for what I thought was a case of strep throat. So long story short I had to get some surgery done on one of my tonsils and after waiting all day in the emergency room getting hopped up on morphene the doctor finally arrived. Now this should have been a dull thing to write about but luckily for me I had a hot student nurse. I mean she was HOT! Jet black hair, ocean blue eyes, nice curvey little body under the nurses gown she was wearing. Oh and she had a lip piercing which I thought was weird cause I didn’t think nurses would be allowed to have those, then again I guess its stainless steal so….

So as I was saying before the hot nurse’s memory got me distracted, here I am all drugged up thinkng that this is going to be a simple little operation kinda like getting your wisdom teeth out. Boy was I wrong, I won’t go into grizzly details but I’ll tell you that I was definitly not completely frozen when they start jamming pointy bits into my swollen tonsil. So despite the pain I figured I was doing alright just put on a tough front and it will be over soon. WRONG! That was only to see if my tonsil was actually infected, now we get to slice it open and let it drain. The whole time I’m thinking how can I impress this girl. Unfortunately it’s hard to impress anyone who has to hold your hand while you get your tonsil cut open and spit up 4 ounces of blood. On the plus side I got to hold her hand, although she was kind of cringing at the blood and puss that I was puking up. So there you go, despite the hype abot cute nurses you really don’t want to have one when your going to look like something out of a horror movie. Anyway I’m out for now.

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