Affliction Shirts with Asian Influences

Posted by the dood on Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Possibly due to my asian heritage, I am drawn to the new Affliction stuff that has the asian influences in it.. and the stuff looks sweet.

I bought the scroll t-shirt a while back and now with the new Affliction Red Label line, they are putting out some seriously killer prints! Word is that these are also Limited Edition shirts. Check out the new Horiyoshi III T-shirt:


The other one that has been catching my eye is the Affliction Blue Samurai Zip up Hoodie. I really love this one:


What i really like about Affliction clothing is that they can pull of the skulls and the samurai’s without looking like the cheap stuff you see at Wal-mart, or looking too tacky. A lot of Me-Too brands out there like the stuff at Bootlegger like “Miami Ink” and other better ones like “InkSlingers” out there are totally ripping off the Affliction and Ed Hardy stuff that is really popular right now.

Without the same level of work that goes into making the shirts distressed and soft these brands try to pull off the same style, but simply don’t cut it if you ask me. I still favour the local store District Clothing for my purchases, and they’ve recently picked up Rock and Republic, unforunately I am between sizes so they don’t really fit me. I’m still waiting on a local store to pick up the Affliction denim!

Don’t forget to check out the new Red Label stuff from Affliction!

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