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Posted by frank on Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Finally, after having to deal with a phone that has been dropped, slammed, soaked with sweat and smashed more because it didn’t work, I got a new phone. A Sony Ericsson T650i.

Compared to my old phone, the very first generation, with no bugs figured and taken out, this phone deserves all thumbs and toes up.

Here’s a brief overview of what my old phone was like. It was a V3 RAZR, not the ones you see now, but the one that first came out, fully loaded with too little memory and bugs, the screen always had dust underneath it, no matter how much tape I put on around the phone or how many times I cleaned it, it would always get dirty a few days later. At the end I was so annoyed I just peeled the screen protector off JUST so I can see the screen during daylight. This worked great unti I started talking on the phone for too too long at a time…3-5 hours each time. This allowed sweat, steam, dirt and other grimes that a human face produces to go inside the screen and then eventually $#@^ed up the screen. Now when I see the phone, all I see is !!!static!!! and nothing else. So I had to let people know not to text me because I wouldn’t be able to return the gesture.

So on to the new phone. I had to pick out a phone that no one else around where I live has and has super good functions, looks and what not, you know how it is. So T650i it is, the T means that the phone is metal bodied and the i simply means that it is for for Europe, Middle East, Africa, while the other version, which is the T650c is for China Mainland. Yes, this phone doesn’t actually have a version for America. Awesome, a phone not a lot of people will have, if any.

Most of the buttons, layouts button sequences are relatively similar to that of the V3 so there wasn’t that much problem to learn and get around the phone. Feature wise, this phone has 3.2 megapixel camera with a lot of different modes/settings (panorama, burst mode, frames, sepia and others), a MP3 player with expandable memory, 3G, etc. Not to mention the design of it is sleek and very intelligent looking. Haven’t had much time to play with it but what I have so far have made the money spent very worthwhile.

This is the phone to get if you are looking for a new phone…err wait, don’t get it because you shouldn’t have the same phone as me.


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  1. Just what the doctor ordered, thinakty you!

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