More Affliction Shopping Goodness

Posted by the dood on Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Frank and I went shopping the other day and picked up some more affliction gear. This will be my last purchase for a while since Affliction is making me poor. I have a hoodie coming in the mail and that’s going to be it for me!

I must have missed the button-down Affliction Apothecary shirt last time I was there, since it was at the back of a HUGE row of Affliction shirts. I almost wish I hadn’t seen it since I had to buy it after I saw it.. looked pretty darn good. I grabbed the long-sleeve button down version of this shirt:


I love the studded Affliction banner on the top of the shirt, mine is all black, rather than grey like this one, and of course is a long sleeve button down but is otherwise identical. I considered wearing this to my buddy’s wedding yesterday but decided that it might not look too good 🙂

Frank bought a sweet white thermal.. called the Winged Up Thermal. Looked good on him. I tried on the black thermals but looks like I have to size up to a X-Large on those babies.. I’m just a big guy I guess. Check out Frank’s Affliction Winged Up Thermal:


We were both pretty happy with our purchases, and i’m stoked.. Maybe I can wear it to some Christmas parties 🙂

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