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American Gangster – Good as they say?

I don’t know, but I don’t think so. Watched this movie with several friends a couple nights ago, and It was a bit disappointing. Not because it was a bad movie, but because there was so much hype surrounding it that my expectations were way up there. Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington, directed by Ridley […]

Toastmaster and something else

Thanks for the welcome dood. I have never really liked public speaking and it is definitely not a weird thing: the most feared single thing in this world for most people is public speaking, death comes next. As fate would have it, in order to continue with my career path, the head honchos of the […]

Let’s welcome Frank to the Team

I should take the time now to introduce Frank to the team. You can check out Frank on the profile page here. Frank brings a lot of deeper thought to the team. While I may be outgoing and loud, Frank can be introspective and his one-liners often profound and thought-provoking. Rob has not been […]

Afflicition, Christian Audigier and friends.

I have started to become a clothing label whore. I used to be many many years ago, but kind of toned down my spending and concentrated on much more constructive hobbies such as knife collecting and swiss made automatic watches, but now the clothing bug has hit me hard again… and in a much more […]

Armani’s Grill in Nanaimo BC Canada

Best Chinese Food in Nanaimo! If you’ve been to Anton’s Pasta Bar in Burnaby, the portions at Armani’s will be familiar to you. Gord, the guy who owns and runs Armani’s, also started Anton’s back in the day. Armani’s has sizable servings and very good prices, the guy even makes his own cheesecake. Atmosphoere is […]