Let me say this again – Macs Suck!

Posted by the dood on Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I don’t understand how people can say Macs are problem-free, and are so much more stable than PCs.. because Time and Time again, the problems I get on my mac are much more severe and debilitating than ANYTHING I have ever experienced on a PC, hardware crashes not included.

This morning, I run the latest update to Mac OS X on my iMac at work. Thing runs great, finishes, then insists I reboot. Sure thing. I reboot, and suddenly now I can’t start Safari. It tells me it quit suddenly. Okay fine, I try and start Mail. IT DOES THE SAME THING! I try and send a message to someone for help in Adium, and I can’t see ANY text on the screen, It allows me to send the message, but I can’t see my own message, or any replies in the chat window.

Now tell me again, why Macs “ROOL”? No Thank You.. Just too frustrating. Rant Off.

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