Amazon Associates is a Garbage Program

Posted by the dood on Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Quite possibly the worst affiliate program I have ever used. The customer service staff have been consistently useless and ambiguous in their response to my problem: I have not been paid when I should have been for the last four months. And now, the last couple times I have contacted their feedback department, I have been ignored… so they are basically keeping my payments for themselves.

I had a lot of respect for Amazon in the past, but I don’t anymore. Sad thing is, I am still running their ads simply because I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe someone there will be nice enough to actually reply to me at some point. What a load of garbage.

These are the replies I have gotten from them:

January 8th, 2008
I’m very sorry for the delay in sending your payment. I’m still
working with our Accounts Payable team to determine what we need to do
to get your payment out as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience, and I will be getting back to you with
more information soon.

January 4th, 2008
I sincerely apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience.
My colleague Jacci is working on this issue and I’ll make sure she
follows up with you within the next few business days.

Thank you for choosing the Associates Program.

December 28th, 2008
Please know that we strive to respond to all inquiries as quickly as
possible; however, in order to address your inquiry appropriately it
will require some further research. We will contact you again via
e-mail within the next week.

Thank you for choosing the Associates Program.

December 1st, 2008
I checked your account and found that you changed your payment method
after August ended. Your payment method was changed from check to gift
certificate on September 21, 2007.

Payment processing begins immediately following the end of each month.
Account changes will only take effect for the month in which the
change was made… [snip]

[end of emails]

So they have been ignoring me since January 8th, which is getting on 2 months ago. I was over the threshold to receive a payment on the first of November, but because I changed my payment method they had to delay it 4 Months!?!?!?

Amazon Associates, take a hint from Google Adsense and get your payouts STRAIGHT. Adsense isn’t perfect, but they respond promptly, and address concerns immediately. Unlike You guys who stall for months and months and months with no results, whatsoever.

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