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Posted by frank on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Indeed, there are tons of magazines directed for men who are into fashion, gadgets, trends and whatnot, but is there one that is dedicated to strictly clothing? I thought in this day and age there is always that perfect something for everyone…apparently not, as I found out today after visiting 4 stores that, IMHO, have decent selection of magazines.

I epiphanized that the perfect magazine for me in the moment would have all-out articles after articles discussing, criticizing and comparing different pieces of clothings. They would include brands, models, different washes and perhaps durability of say, denims, cardigans, scarves, accessories, etc. You get the idea. More importantly, the background of each company, just a brief summary is all I need.

The hunt today started off at London Drugs; the selection was decent enough, they had the usual Esquires, GQ, Details, UMM, Men’s Health (which is decent overall for their health section, workout routines, Q&A section and clothing section), plus whichever else I’ve missed. Gone through them all and to my dismay, nothing really wowed me and so the hunt continues. Next stop is Coles, which is like a mini Chapters, and of course, no luck. Then Superstore comes next. From what I remembered from a long time ago, Superstore has a decent selection of books and magazines and yet, they still carry the usual stuff LD carries.

Finally, I stopped at Chapters, which I was hoping I wouldn’t because it was the furtherest of all stores, and eventually found something that is somewhat what I am looking for, though still not quite. The magazine is called Nylon for Men and in a smaller print, it says “not for girls.” Damn, finally something that is meant for just guys and is mainly on clothings. The price, at $3.99 is good, though the magazine itself is relatively thin, but it does have some of what I was looking for.

Nylon has a few pages that list different articles of clothings with their brands, though not models, and price, plus pictures, so I guess the magazine is halfway to what I was hoping to find. However, Nylon is still filled mostly with interviews of people that I actually have no idea of, so that is kind of pointless.

Supposedly, if a magazine is strictly on clothings for men and no other stuff such as interviews, Q&As, health sections and an article on some chick, then it probably won’t be a hot seller, which then explains why such magazine doesn’t exist. Smart business strategies I guess, though unfortunate for me and the teeny market of people like me out there.

The hunt shall continue and until I find that perfect magazine, it will never cease.

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