Frankfurt Airport Payphone Rip-Off Scam BBG London

Posted by the dood on Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Just so you guys know, on my recent trip to the Mediterranean, I needed to make some phone calls from the airport because my flights screwed up. DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FROM GERMANY’S AIRPORT! I was charged over $100 to make 2 phone calls not more than 5 minutes each. There are no rates posted in the airport, and very little english. It just tells you to dial this number. It is a scam and a ripoff. I can’t believe I paid around $15/minute to use a payphone in an airport.

The Company is BBG – London. Don’t get scammed like I did.

I really have had a bad experience in Germany. Their flight attendants on Lufthansa are rude and literally make you feel like you are a hassle when you ask for water. The payphones rip you off for $15/minute – And the reason I had to make the calls was because the airline screwed us up!

Check out a fellow with the exact same experience:

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  1. Anneliese Recklies on July 14th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    This scam continues – perfectly legal, my credit card company assures me. Me daughter had the exact same experience at this airport. The charge for a call lasting about 2 minutes to another location in Germany was 31 US$$!!! I guess informed consent to pay is not part of the business model here.

  2. exact same thing here, I was charged $51 for about three minutes on July 15th. I just realized it when I checked my credit card activity.

  3. Anneliese Recklies on June 7th, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    For anybody who’s been ripped of at the Frankfurt airport – if you scream loud enough there is a remedy!
    Here are the steps that worked for me
    1. Complain to Deutsche Telecom (the department for corporate responsibility seemed a good choice)
    2. Don’t take “no” for an answer.
    3. The real lead for an inquiry is
    4. Don’t take no for an answer here either.
    5. This will get you eventually to BBG communications – accounting department.
    BBG did reimburse the full amount –
    Of course there’s still the issue of exchange for a credit card reimbursement – Euros to CAD then USD to CAD – didn’t have any energy left to pursue that one.

  4. Thanks for that useful info Anneliese! I wish it wasn’t a year ago, otherwise I would have done the same.. I think its a bit too late for me to try and recoup now.

  5. We got scammed as well at Schiphol Aiport 42 usd for a 2 minute call, Schiphol told us they deal with BBG Global see and they use different billing names such as call from Holand BBG london, international satilite,

  6. Same thing happened to my fiance in Frankfurt. We got charged $27, $31, and $31 for three less than 3 minute calls to someone in Germany. They offered a $27 “one time reimbursement fee” because I was a new customer and didn’t understand their policy…I took it because i was so angry. Believe me they got an ear-full on how their company is immoral. When I asked the operator if he would ever use this service, poor Herman, he said he was not allowed to comment on person things….umm why because they dont want you to tell people that your company sucks balls…okay. Anyway, just got off the phone so I am very emotional still. BOTTOM LINE BBG IS A TERRIBLE ORGANIZATION WITH NO MORAL ETHICS.

  7. A quick update for people looking to make calls from Frankfurt airport.

    I got scammed by BBG the first time I transited through. This last time, I realized a few things:

    1) DO NOT BUY the calling cards from the machines around the airport. They have calling card vending machines right next to the payphones. As absurd as it is, these calling cards DO NOT work on their own payphones. The 800 access number on the card is blocked from the payphones. So its a complete waste of your money.

    2) The rates for the payphones are clearly displayed on the LCD phone displays, and these are the cash rates. In theory, disputing the charges from BBG should be trivial if we can get a screen shot of the LCD displays. The display says that calls to the US are $1 or so per minute. Unfortunately I did not have a camera, so could not take a shot. Can someone who sees this please take a shot and post it?

    3) And for folks who actually need to make a call… USE COINS. I got a few Euro coins at the money changer, and called home for a couple minutes to the US for just 2 Euro. Best of all, total peace of mind that there are no hidden charges.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  8. Hopefully this will help someone as well, but I got most of my money back, here is how, Call 800-607-9470 (found their main number in HQ in San Diego/LA)!

    I also got SCAMMED big time (I made three 2 min calls and got charged over $144.96) by BBG – London, which is actually the same company as BBG Global, which is the same as International Satellite Services. I found this out by going through my American Express electronic statement and clicking on dispute. Then their merchant number showed up, when I called and inquired who they are, the said their name was International Satellite services. When I asked about their relations to BBG – London, they said it’s the same company.

    When I asked to get my money refund, they gave me back all of my money on my American Express card (it’s resolved through Amex’s 100% customer satisfation program), and then $17.78 out of $44.47 refunded on my MasterCard where I made the 3rd call. While I still got ripped off $26.69, this is much better than $144 of rip off.

    Their direct number is 800-607-9470, always call and ask them to give you your money back!

  9. My husband had a layover in Frankfurt and tried calling home three times before he finally made a connection on the fourth go round. We were charged for the first three failed attempts at $38.99 each time and then $36.49 for the fourth (and only successful) call placed! I will be refuting the charges and trying to get my mony back! I discovered the charges later that same day when checking my bank account online! It showed up as BBG. I googled up the abbreviations and saw one of the first ones was a communication company then I googled it up with the additional works Frankfort, Germany in the search box and I found this site! Thanks for the info! At least I know who the charges are from now!

  10. Thanks for sharing. These BBG guys really get away with highway robbery… its amazing.

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