Look at all the Sales! Clothing, Electronics..

Posted by the dood on Friday, January 16th, 2009

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed, EVERYONE still has boxing day sale signs up, and is trying to liquidate old (and even new) stock. The truth is, this was one of the worst quarters for retail sales in decades, and everyone is hurting to get some cash. My guess: If you hold out another month, the deals will just get better. A lot of people aren’t even buying now, and some of the deals on Electronics and clothing are insane.

SSense.com is having a Blackest Black Friday sale ever sale today only, which is an additional 30% off a HUGE amount of already reduced merchandise. We’re talking about over a thousand items for men only.. G-Star, Diesel and Energie are among the notables on sale. I almost pulled the trigger on a sweet Energie puffy jacket for around $270 – 30%. That would put it under $200, and free shipping within Canada.. can’t beat that, regularly priced around $400+.

I was checking out some local flyer sales from Best Buy and Visions, and the sales are incredible.. better than boxing day in some ways. Canadian tire has some insane sales too, with much of their tools in the 50-70% off range… not unusual for Can Tire, but I think nearly EVERY tool is on sale, which is rare all at once.

I don’t know of the eletronics sales has anything to do with Circuit City’s announcement to completely close all 567 of their stores in the US, but maybe. It is liquidating it’s stock, which means that a lot of the liquidation buyers like Costco might have some serious deals for us. Keep your eyes Peeled.

At any rate, the economy’s not done hurting yet, at least not in my opinion, so I think we have at least 3-6 more months of serious deals (and financial hardship) to come.

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