Media Temple Down A Lot

Posted by the dood on Saturday, February 21st, 2009

I host this blog on Media Temple, and moved it there for it’s perceived reliability. It has been less than reliable, but granted it is very fast typically. Right now, Media Temple’s own site is totally down, and it crashes my browser when I try to go to it. Very annoying. My own sites are flakey as well, and I am surprised I can even make this post.

I am hoping that these issues will resolve themselves, but Media Temple is not living up to the standard that I would expect from a $40/month host given that I pay for a MySQL Gridcontainer as well.

UPDATE: It is not media temples fault.. apparently one of their upstream providers is having some sort of a problem with one of the pipes that connects a lot of Canada to their site, causing intermittent connection problems to all of the media temple network for a few of us folks here north of the border. Not MT’s fault.. i’ll excuse them this time.

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