Personal Hi-Fi Audio System Video Tour

Posted by the dood on Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Decided that I would do a video of my hi-fi system for you guys to see how it’s set up and what not. I really enjoy the way it sounds, though it might be a little “live” in my new house. My old place was significantly more dampened, and I think the acoustics were a bit better. Now I have a bit more echo but it is still very palettable.

Audio System:
Gershman Acoustics X-Cube Speakers
Odyssey Extreme Monoblock Amplifiers
Linar Pre-2 Preamplifier
Bel Canto CD-1 CD Player
Pro-Ject Xpression 2 Turntable
Ortofon Kontrapunkt A Cartridge
Pro-Ject Speed Box II
Pro-Ject Phono Box SE
Monster Power HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
Furutech eTP60 Power Conditioner

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