Leaky Gut Update – One Month Later

Posted by the dood on Saturday, February 28th, 2009

See my original post on leaky gut to get the whole story.

So its been a month, and I have been taking my supplements religiously. To recap, my altered supplement schedule is this:

1 Enzymatic Therapy DGL Chewable Chocolate before each meal
2 Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme before each meal
2 Enzymatic Therapy Pearls IC Before Bed Each Night
2 Enzymatic Therapy Eskimo 3 Extra Strength every Morning
1 Tablespoon Ascenta Health Nutrasea Oil Daily in the Morning

Unfortunately, I have seen no improvement whatsoever. There are three posibilities for this outcome. Either I do not have leaky gut, and this is not the cause of my eczema, or this stuff isn’t working, or I need to do more than just take supplements.

I decided to go with number 3 – do more than take just supplements. About 3 weeks in, I decided that I would reduce the amount of fat I was intaking, and also decrease the amount of sugars and gluten that I was intaking. That meant, no sugars, no bread, no milk, and no bacon – well, at least a little bit less of them. I have not been that good about the diet, unfortunately. I have actually seen an INCREASE in eczema, and have a breakout in a spot that has not had any eczema in years. This is not promising. However, I will continue to persevere and pay more attention to my diet.

Today, I have added NAC, or N Acetyl Cysteine, to my diet. It is supposed to aid in many things, one of which is reducing candida infection which is related to leaky gut apparently. It is also recommended that I increase my vitamin C intake as well.

So, the quest continues. More later!

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