Shopping at District Clothing in Nanaimo

Posted by the dood on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I was in Nanaimo for the day yesterday, installing some cables at my fiance’s parents place for her Father’s new Hi-Fi stereo system. He decided to finally buy himself an upscale stereo, and it sounds fantastic. Anyway.. I decided to stop by District in Nanaimo and see Ryan, who’s probably one of the best guys I have ever dealt with in a clothing store.

Its obviously a slow season for everyone, District included. February is also a slow month for fashion in general because not a lot of new stuff comes out, added to the lack of selection. But they had some really good deals there with lots of stuff 40% off, including some True Religions, Diesels and Rock and Republics for Men. The Women’s selection is bigger of course.

Anyway, I saw a Selected Homme double breasted Peacoat for 70% off, and it was a perfect fit on me.. last one too. At 70% off $250, it was a steal, and given that I needed a slightly dressed up outer jacket, I had to get it.

At any rate, If you are in Nanaimo, and you’re looking for some steals and deals in fashion, there are tons of Ed Hardy on sale for 50% off, with tons of jeans from 25-40% off. District is the only place to shop in Nanaimo.

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