Why Girls like Badboys

Posted by the dood on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Listening to good ‘ol Kid Carson show this morning, again gave me a little idea for another article. There are many out there thay believe that women like Bad Boys, and there are even more misconceptions out there that Bad Boys are Players. Bad Boys are NOT players, nor are they Nice Guys. We need to look at the differences between the three.

Bad Boys vs. Players vs. Nice Guys
Nice Guys finish Last. Everyone knows this, and this is true. In this world you need to go for what you want, and not wait for it to go for you. Especially with women. The Bad Boy and the Player are often confused, especially by women… which makes this even more difficult to distinguish.


Bad Boys
Why do women like Bad Boys? Women like bad boys because they give them a sense of security and safety. A man who is perceived as stronger and more aggressive is one that can protect her. And this is true on many levels. A bad boy is a guy that is not too nice, or perceived as a wuss, but one that is not untrue and only seeking to use the girl either. The problem with this is that some but not all Players are Bad Boys as well, which makes the distinction difficult. Bad Boys that are not Players will respect and love women as people, whereas Players do not. The Bad Boy is the perceived Alpha Male.

Players are there to get women in bed, and that is their ultimate goal. Anything that they do is meant to facilitate this end. They will mess with the girl’s head, try anything and everything to impress her, and sometimes this means creating a Bad Boy image, as it attracts women. Players do NOT respect women, they see them as objects. A Player and a Bad Boy are two very different distinctions.

Nice Guys
Nice Guys have the unfortunate reputation of being weak, while not always necessarily true. Women perceive this as being less desirable than the stronger alpha male. While women like to befriend the nice guy because he is indeed nice, they do not want to procreate with him because he is not seen as the strongest mate, as she is seeking to create the strongest offspring.

So what’s a guy to do?
Well.. if you’re a Nice Guy, you’ll probably eventually a find a girl, but you’ll probably find one that is a bit more aggressive, to compliment your personality. If you’re a Bad Boy, then you’ll probably find you have the majority of women to pick from, as women in general tend to be more submissive than men. When you are the alpha male, women want you. And women want, what other women want. They are funny creatures.

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