IX Webhosting No Good

Posted by the dood on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

I used to use IX Webhosting, but have since switched to MediaTemple. I kept up an IX Webhosting account just to keep my backup sites on it and to use it for developing websites for some clients, but even with the limited use, I have found that IX Webhosting is down what seems like 50% of the time I try and visit my sites.

This makes it nearly completely useless for what I need to use it for, with server problems Galore, these guys are completely useless as a host. I am talking completely. Even if you have a hobby site that gets 20 vistors a day, you will likely lose have that traffic going to IX Webhosting because they are very useless. When you call their Kentucky call centre to get live tech support, they ask you to enter in a ticket on their website which goes to a bunch of Russian Techs that manage the data center remotely, and respond about 6-7 hours after you post the ticket.

The call centre staff is polite enough, but you get the distinct feeling that they know their reliability is shit, and that they have already spoken with 50+ people the same day with the same problems. The outages last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, and occur several times a day… heck I would have more luck hosting on my personal computer on my cable modem hookup.

IX Webhosting: Not worth the time, and they aren’t any cheaper than any of the actually reliable budget webhosts.

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