US Congressman Peter King Jealous?

Posted by the dood on Monday, July 6th, 2009

Peter King, a US congressman, has publicly vilified Michael Jackson as a child molestor and practically condemns everyone for buying tickets to the funeral. He states that we should be giving US Soldiers in Afghanistan the respect they deserve instead. Obviously there is a bit of a logical fallacy here.. we can pay our respects to more than one person, as far as I know. Its not a one or the other thing. Moron.

Now, Mr. King knows that the legal system in the USA has never convicted Michael Jackson of a child molestation crime, so why does this man publicly state that Michael is a child molester after he has passed away? Because Peter King wants publicity. What a low-class low-blow to slander a man who has already passed away! C’mon Pete, grow up! You just wish you were as famous… obviously that’s the whole reason for your public announcement! Why else would you post it forefront on your own webpage!

2 Responses to “US Congressman Peter King Jealous?”

  1. Congressman is rite, Americans don’t get there priorities rite.

  2. Damn Americans. Get your priorities ‘rite’!

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