Paypal in 2010 – Still Screwing Their Users

Posted by the dood on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

I’ve been a paypal user for years, and not because I like the service, but because of necessity. Its convenient, and nearly everyone has it. Today, I tried to purchase an item for $3.57US and a few minutes after making payment, my account was marked “Limited Access” and the transaction was held. I have over $1700US in my paypal account at the moment since I sold an old item of mine and was about to purchase an item from a friend who is away and well, now I won’t be able to when he gets back unless my account access is restored.

This is an interesting situation, since how does Paypal decide they get to hold my $1700 Ransom because I decided to buy a little $3.57 Item? Well, because probably somewhere in that fine print of a disclaimer I agreed to when I signed up I agreed that they can hold and control my money however they want without any notice or proof.

So, now they also allow me to do a few things to my account, mostly just ways to put MORE money into it, but no way of taking it out. So they are happy for me to send them more money to hold ransom, but will not let me take any of it out. They say I need to send them some information, which I have done, and they say the account will be automatically working again. This is not the case. Its still stuck.

Now this fucks up my evening, and pisses me off. I will probably have to wait ANOTHER 7 days or something before someone emails me with some vague response about maybe taking a look at this. Bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS, Paypal is. FUCK YOU paypal. I fucking hate you. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives, and that means you can fuck with us all you want. Fucking bunch of Chumps. Ebay is a fucking whore too, and you bunch of fuckheads that’s all you do.

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