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The Golden Nib TGN Finest XH 2-Band Badger Knot Review

The Golden Nib’s Finest XH Badger knot (EDIT: These are now just called “Finest”) is probably the most popular and well known of all their knots and possibly one of the most talked about shave knots in all of shavedom, and for good reason. This is a fantastic 2-band knot with very nice density, scrub […]

The Golden Nib TGN Best Badger Knot Review

This is my first installment in the TGN Knot Review series to help potention buyers of The Golden Nib Shaving brush knots have an idea of what they are buying since TGN doesn’t give the best descriptions. Hopefully you will find this review of the TGN Best Badger knot helpful! The TGN Best Badger is […]

Queen Charlotte Soaps Esquire Aftershave Balm Review

Queen Charlotte Soaps Esquire After Shave Balm Product: Aftershave Size: 30ml/1oz Origin: Handmade in USA Price: $10.00 I reviewed the Queen Charlotte Soaps Esquire Pre-Shave a few months back, and now I’m back with a review of the ASB (After Shave Balm). If you checked out the pre-shave lotion review, you’ll know that I’m a […]

Muhle Basic 1 Black Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush Review

I always had a fascination with Synthetic brushes, and Muhle, being the most famous for their Synethics because interesting to me. I wanted to try one of their latest Synthetic Silvertip brushes, but the price was quite high. I ended up settling for this Synthetic Black Badger as a price compromise as these are quite […]

Weleda Natural Shaving Cream Review

Weleda Natural Shaving Cream Product: Shaving Cream Size: 75ml/2.5oz Origin: Made in Germany Street Price: $9.99 Price Per ml: $0.13 Weleda is a popular Natural Products company based in Germany, and their products are readily available in many of the larger Natural Foods and Products retailers such as Whole Foods. Their Shaving cream is also […]