We Are the Fallen – If you liked Evanescence..

Posted by the dood on Saturday, October 31st, 2009

You will really like these guys. Seems like Ben Moody is continuing to help some female vocalists mimick the Amy Lee vocal style that was popularized by Evanescence. Youtube is broken right now so I’m going to embed a MySpace live video. Since Ben Moody was one of the main writers on the first Evanescence album, you’ll hear a return the that original sound that made them popular, and is no longer on their Second Album. Ben Moody is a talented guy and arguably brings to the table a more original Evanescence sound with We Are the Fallen than the current roster at Evanescence. Enjoy.

We Are The Fallen – Bury Me Alive First Live Performance 6.22.00

We Are The Fallen | MySpace Video

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