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Still alive, and look at the sexy phone I found!

Ok so I realize I have not really been doing much since my introduction but do to unfortunate events in my life and the stupidity of my internet service provider I am temporarily without an internet connection Don’t worry though that hasn’t stopped me from discovering a new passion. Well an old passion actually. I […]

Got my new Dell Inspiron 1420

As much as I love the internet and posting on forums and running my websites, I am not much of a computer hardware guru, which is unfortunately since there is a lot of interest in the stuff and starting a websites in that niche would be quite a profitable venture. I picked up my new […]

A new phone

Finally, after having to deal with a phone that has been dropped, slammed, soaked with sweat and smashed more because it didn’t work, I got a new phone. A Sony Ericsson T650i. Compared to my old phone, the very first generation, with no bugs figured and taken out, this phone deserves all thumbs and toes […]