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Jonathan Toews – I’m embarassed he’s Canadian

Wow, I used to have a lot of respect for Jonathan Toews as a Canadian player who is incredibly intelligent and classy, but I just realized that its only because he’s been playing on a winning franchise. Take away the wins and the guy is a sore loser who whines and complains, and obviously thinks […]

Vancouver UFC Events List

Found a great list of UFC happenings around the town. This includes many opportunities to meet UFC stars and get some photos and autographs. Many of these events are free! Friday June 11: 11am-1pm: Tapout autograph signing at Sport Chek Pacific Centre, with fighters Anthony Pettis and Mike Guymon, and Tapout founders Punkass and Scrape. […]

9 Power Play Goals allowed in 3 1/2 Games?

The Canucks are unbelieveably bad.. its just a joke. They have allowed a goal on the last 5 penalties that they have had… I didn’t even know this was possible. Watching them is just painful.

Russian are serious Sore Losers – 2010 Olympics

Its obviously not just me who thinks this. But after Evgeni Plushenko lost to American skater Evan Lysacek and awarded himself a “Platinum Medal“, you have to wonder how long a sore loser can keep playing games like that. Then the Russian Maxim Shabalin got a Bronze medal for a routine that was definately a […]

Are the Brits Bitter about the Olympics?

Are the British bitter about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics? Maybe its because they have no medals, or maybe its because their Britsh Snobbery just couldn’t help coming out when they know they’re a dying country and Vancouver is such a better place to be and live. Maybe they’re just a bunch of sheep following their […]